Can you see that because I can't?

Answer thats going to get pulled and your going to get a copyright infringement notice really quick as it's a movie you do not own the copyrights to.

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Is it true that only old people over 35 drive 911s Why is that Is it because they cant straighten there legs?

Since when was 35 old!? Obviously it's becasue they're more sensible and can actually drive a car like that without killing themselves/others or running up massive insurance costs. Plus, 35 year ... Read More »

Can you tell me if my video is working ok because i cant view it at this time because?

I need to leave my job because i cant work early mornings because i have a son who is now in full time school?

If you have no help, then how did you manage early mornings before he went full-time schooling?

My acer netbook has a webcam but i cant use it on msn because it cant update newer versions?

Short of buying a new machine judt do without. Lots of folks do that.