Can you set up multiple routers to work together so there is no drop in connection?

Answer You want one router and multiple access points that connect to the router through Ethernet. All the access points use the same wifi password and SSID. Makes one big wireless cloud.Access points a... Read More »

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Is there a way of connecting multiple mother boards together to make one computer?

It sounds difficult, it would be a very interesting project. The problem is that a computer has 16 IRQs. Now I'm thinking why would you want two motherboards in one computer? Do we have double the ... Read More »

multiple routers?

No.I also would use a wireless User Recommendation

How Do u connect two wireless routers together?

use cascading option, no need of wire make one as gateway which is connected with DSL/Cable to Internet and cascade the second with this. you can find the detailed steps in manual.

I want to connect my 2 Netgear Routers together wirelessly?

You can connect two routers either via Ethernet… or by setting up the second router as a wireless bridge…You ca... Read More »