Can you set up two routers in a house without havibg miles of cables?

Answer What you need to do is use one router to connect to the internet and the second router to be a "bridge" which will transfer the WiFi signal from your primary router to the secondary which you plug ... Read More »

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How could I have two routers around my house?

With reference to your other answers, if you are in the UK you can not have two broadband providers at one address unless the building is mult occupational, ie flats each with a separate address.If... Read More »

Is it possible to have two different wifi routers from two different companies in the same house?

You can run as many WiFi routers in the same area as you like - just if you go over ~4 routers (in the 2.4 GHz band), throughput for each router will decrease due to interference.If you set up your... Read More »

Where is the best steak house in Canterbury Kent or within 20 miles?

THERE are a few [pubs that do a big steak challenge.

How can i transport an uninsured, untaxed, un-mot'd car to my house about 3 miles away from where i live?

As I understand UK law, you can drive an untaxed and unMOTed car to a pre-booked appointment at a garage, and if it fails, you can take it direct to a garage to have the work done. However, this d... Read More »