Can you set you're picture on facebook so someone can't take it?

Answer No, that's practically not possible... Even if he can't download it manually then he can take a snapshot of your profile crop the image and have it...

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Cant crop facebook profile picture?

if the photo is already in her profile photos album, there is no option to crop it AGAINshe would need to go back to the original picture that is larger and in a different album, and then set that ... Read More »

How do i get her to take a picture off facebook?

There should be a link on her facebook page to report her. You will have to fill something out telling why you are reporting her. You need to tell them that the pic is of you and she is using it ... Read More »

Is it illegal to use someone elses picture for a page on facebook?

All photos are automatically copyrighted the moment the picture is taken, so technically, yes. The owner may never know about it, but if they find it, they will have a right to demand you remove it.

How do you get a picture deleted off of someone elses profile on facebook?

All you can do is ask the person to remove it