Can you turn a computer into a server?

Answer A server is just a machine that shares data on a network. The main difference between workstations and servers is that the file systems and memory of servers are optimized to move files and data qu... Read More »

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Does it matter how I turn off electronic devices I have installed a power surge strip and it's easiest for me to simply turn off that strip. Is it better for the devices to turn them off individually first For the computer itself, I perform the shutd?

As long you shutdown the computer first, turning off the power strip is fine. Essentially all modern household computer devices are designed to shut themselves down gracefully when they lose electr... Read More »

If I turn my computer off for 2 weeks will it still have all info on when I turn it back on?

Once you have broadband and server set up can you use it on more than one computer and not have to pay more?

You won't pay more for the connection itself but if you are using two machines instead of one you are likely to use more bandwidth as two machines typically download and send more than one machine!... Read More »

The computer server at work?

Yes, it's possible, depending on what's installed.