Can you turn a computer into a server?

Answer A server is just a machine that shares data on a network. The main difference between workstations and servers is that the file systems and memory of servers are optimized to move files and data qu... Read More »

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How To Turn a Computer Monitor Into a TV?

A computer monitor works the same as a television monitor, whether it's a tube or LCD model. So any old computer monitor can easily be turned into a TV. If your old set died, your old PC monitor ca... Read More »

How to Turn a Computer Into a Karaoke Machine?

Recent advances in computer software now allow you to turn your computer into a karaoke machine. Software is available online which you can download and install to turn either a PC or a Mac into a ... Read More »

How turn computer monitor into mirror?

Are you talking about a static mirror or one that actually works? In any case, the most important part of this solution is the necessity for a webcam. You'll need to place your webcam in a spot tha... Read More »

How turn computer screen into mirror?

its not possible to turn a monitor into a mirror as the monitor cannot reflect it will only show the image of the mirror and an image wont reflect back either back only way to do this is to use a w... Read More »