Can you undo convert higher bit rate songs to 128 kbps aac?

Answer Now why would you think that after throwing away half the data (when going from eg 256kbs to 128kbs), you can wave some sort of 'magic wand' that 'finds' all the data you discarded (in order to get... Read More »

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How do i convert MP3 songs on my PC to songs that I can play on my cars cd player, which is not MP3 compatible?

Just use any CD burning program (Nero, Roxio, even Windows Media player) and burn an audio CD.

The Difference Between MP3 128 Kbps Mono & 64 Kbps Stereo?

The "kbps" number in an MP3's metadata, or kilobits per second, indicates the bit rate, or level of compression, that the MP3 encoder used to create the MP3. Roughly speaking, a higher bit rate ind... Read More »

How Much Can I Earn Before I Pay Higher Rate Tax?

How much you can earn before you have to pay a higher tax rate will depend on many different factors. Here is a link to answer most of your concerns:

Do you pay higher tax rate on second or more jobs?

Once your earnings go over the tax-free allowance of £6035, you are liable to tax. The end liability is on your total income, not how many jobs you have. Once you have passed your £6035, you pay ... Read More »