Can you use MiFi on Acer Google Chromebook C7 ?

Answer I belive so

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Is a ACER C7 Chromebook any good?

I wish I could answer this question but still no idea

Acer c7 or samsung 303C which chromebook to buy?

If you have a look here you can compare the specs - both are third gen chromebooks, so look in that part of the table:…I've used the Samsung and own the A... Read More »

I have been wondering if i should get a netbook or the acer chromebook, which one is the better buy?

Yes Chromebook is primarily web based, it does have some offline capability. you can create documents with Google Docs, watch videos, Liston to mp3s, edit photos, view power point presentations, an... Read More »

Can you install games like Football Manager 13 on an Acer C7 Chromebook?

No you cantits a chrome book its only meant for browsing the net and working on light documents you cant game on a chrome book