Can you use a wifi if you connect it with a dongle?

Answer If you have a laptop, it already has WIFI. If you want to use it, you need existing internet service and a wireless router.

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Can i connect a Samsung galaxy S wifi 5.0 to a laptop with a mobile broadband/dongle?

Yes you can.…

Possible to scan for WIFI and connect to them using a 3G dongle?

A 3G dongle only connects to the mobile network it's assigned. Similar to the way your mobile phone will only connect to the service you are subscribed t.. Sorry!You could plug in an USB wireless d... Read More »

If the network card my notebook doesn't work, can I use a usb dongle to connect to wifi?

Yes you can, That is what I have done to my laptop.

How can I set up wifi on my kindle with a dongle?

The password is for connecting to the wireless router. Whoever set up the router has the password.