Can you use more than one router in the same house?

Answer Depends on router model, but generally yes, you can chain two routers together (via wired ports):…Other option is to just buy a wireless "Access Point", an... Read More »

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How to set up more than one wireless router?

You can use multiple routers provided they are configured correctly.Unless you have experience in network configuration, it's not a good idea to use additional routers unless you turn off the routi... Read More »

Why do we have more than one word for the same thing?

When studying english language half of my combined A level we studied this topic. The words come from varieties of sources, we can get collquial words and posh terms like brolly and umbrella, archa... Read More »

Is It Possible To Have More Than One Mortgage At The Same Time?

As long as they do not exceed the value of your property at the time of taking them out.

Is it easy to connect more than computer to the same wireless internet point?

Couldn't be easier, we use 3 laptops in the same house all at the same time.