Can you use more than one router in the same house?

Answer Depends on router model, but generally yes, you can chain two routers together (via wired ports):…Other option is to just buy a wireless "Access Point", an... Read More »

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Can I use the wireless router in my neighbours house?

You can only use your neighbours router with their permission, which is best to get this in writing as it is your word against theirs. With no firewall, people can hack into the network and scan yo... Read More »

If i want to use firefox and everyone else in my house is i explorer will ihave ip conflict being on 1 router?

No you can use firefox and IE at the same time.

How can i stop another computer in my house accessing my wireless router ?

Open a browserIn the address bar type name is adminpassword is 1234 or passwordClick wireless settingsUnder security options choose WPAUnder Security Encryption enter your de... Read More »

I have a belkin n1 mimo wireless router but the range strugles to cover the house. why is this?

Wireless signals are affected by many factors including wall density, electrical interference, directional antenna range, etc.Depending on the size of your house and the factors listed above, you m... Read More »