Can you write me slangs (like "u", "thx", "thk", etc.)) that young people use on chats, on MSN, please Thx?

Answer Go here:…Try having a conversation with someone in complete abbreviated form, then you'll see how completely stupid and pointless it is.

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Is there a name for this hairstyle that looks like an electrified cat that the young men have these days?

P - I have Farrah Fawcett Major hair and have done for the last 20 odd years lol

Whats the percentage of young people that drive in the U.K.?

16 year olds don't drive. Many 18 year olds get a cheap car when they pass their test, most do not. City living (like for university) doesn't need a car. We drink a lot at night so walk, bus and tr... Read More »

Help! please! i need advise on housing and what is available out there for young people?

Well the state believes that a single person under 35 needs a roof over their head, but that doesn't mean a place of their own, it means sharing a house or flat with others.Look at http://www.spare... Read More »

Car insurance that covers young people driving other cars?

No there are not. They know that if they do that yuo are all going to be running around the supermarket car parks in one anothers little hatchback thingies