Can your twitter account still get verified even if you got suspended?

Answer that is funny.... being suspended whilst typing on a keyboard.... you must have a strong roof.

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My twitter account is suspended?

I got mine suspended because Twitter didn't like my posting a link exposing Obama as a child-killer, so I just created another account.I will not be censored.

Does deleting a verified youtube account let you reuse your phone number to verify a new account?

Hello!You could use your mobile phone number anytime, no matter if you deleted a previous channel. They won't make you get a new number or something.

Twitter App: Your Username and Password could not be verified.?

Try it on the Computer and See if it Works on there if it Works on the Computer than its Probably a App Error Try Going on the Mobile Twitter Site And See if it will Let you on Throug... Read More »

My Twitter account has been suspended D:?

Mine got suspended a few days ago, i wrote about a paragraph to the twitter people and told what the problem was.. 2 days later my twitter is back to normal now.Just write a sentence or two to them... Read More »