Can't connect to wifi?

Answer I don't know what type of laptop you have so I cant give you a specific answer. Assuming you had it online before Im betting you have somehow turned of the wireless on your laptop. Most of them h... Read More »

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My laptop has Wifi, does that mean it can connect to the internet wherever there is wifi?

Yes you can connect to any wifi network as long as you know they key for the internet( the router code) or if the wifi network does not have a key enabledyou do not have do buy any hardware or soft... Read More »

Got a laptop with a wifi connection for Xmas. How do I connect to neighbours' wifi system or other hotspot?

First, you need to install the wireless card driver if it's not already installed. Next, click on the wireless computers down in the taskbar, and click on "Refresh Wireless Networks" or something l... Read More »

Just bought a wireless router and cant connect to Internet i need to go to but cant help me?

Make sure that you are connecting your computer to the correct port as this is an INTERNAL address and no internet connection is needed.You should just plug your laptop into the router using the ne... Read More »

Cant get WIFI in the bedroom?

Get yourself one of these. Wi-Fi range extenders.Most of them you just plug into a 13 amp socket in between where you are and the router.…