Cant connect to wireless ?

Answer The computer has found your wireless router, thats really good news now you have to connect.1. start2. connect to...3. left click your router 4. click connect

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If I connect a wireless router to a laptop, does it cease to transmit wireless signals and becomes 'regular'?

Regular? What are you talking about?But no, why would it stop just because you plugged a cable into the router...

How to Connect a Wireless Print Server to a Wireless Router?

Using a wireless print server can be convenient for a home or office, as no wires are needed to operate your printer. Also, the location of the printer is much more flexible, because the only restr... Read More »

Is there any device to connect non-wireless router to a wireless laptop!!!?

its called a wireless switch or access point and can be bought fairly cheaply like these here…if you don't need any extra wired connections Edimax EW-7206A... Read More »

I forgot my wireless password, how can I connect to my wireless network again?

Reset the router.Maybe in future put a stick on the back of the router with your password on it.