Can't find video card?

Answer Of course your not saying whether you have got a computer or a laptop.Nor do you say what OS you have either!Laptops unless they are at the very top of the range do NOT have videocards. They have a... Read More »

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How do you find the size of your video card in your computer..?

You can click Start -> type in "dxdiag" -> click 'Display' tab

Recently, my video card has gone bad, and the original idea was to switch out my video card with my friends co?

If they are both the same type (PCI-Express x16, AGP, PCI) and your power supply is strong enough for your friend's card, then sure you can install it.

What Is the Difference Between an ATI 9550 Video Card and an ATI X1050 Video Card?

ATI's graphics cards provide dedicated visual processing resources for both desktops and laptops. If you're shopping for a new graphics card, though, consider your budget. Graphics cards can vary w... Read More »

Does a high end video card make any difference to video playback?

The GPU works in conjunction with the CPU and RAM when it comes to playback, one will balance the other and as you had a balanced system with the GPU it worked very well. Now you have gone back to ... Read More »