Can't make videocalls on Skype?

Answer When doing video calls skype will eat up a lot of cpu and depending on if your hosting the skype call it will eat up even more and also would need a decent upload speed if you are hosting it with a... Read More »

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I cant login into skype on my phone?

Just a suggestion, no promises on it working, delete the app, reinstall the app new, restart your phone(turn off, then back on) try logging into it. Next step if this doesn't work is to contact the... Read More »

My skype says it cant connect i have tried everything!?

in the settings page of your computer scroll all the way down and you will find a connections setting for your laptop? switch it on?

Why cant microsoft make an OS that cant get viruses like a Mac dosnt!?

are you serious....macs are more vulnerable to attack because people think they don't get virusesnow i'm no programmer but i know enough about it that, its imposable to make a "virus, hacker, malwa... Read More »

Cant find the lengh of the caravan curtains cant get to it ,its a willerby granada 1998 the firm cant help can?

Hi LYNN this is an impossible question to answer really as we don't know either. why is it an issue you have to just to go and do it when the caravan arrives if it is needed.