Cant tag page i want on facebook.?

Answer Ok go to the page and click on the URL bar. Then delete the ( and replace with ( but don't delete the page ID. Then press enter, then you'll see a page w... Read More »

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I cant see the top of my facebook page?

A Lot of People Were Having The Same Problem As you But The Problem is Now Resolved Go Back to Facebook and Refresh the Page and It Should Be Fine Now

Facebook - cant load page?

it's happened to me too =/hopefully it'll be back soon.EDIT: well its back :D

How do i know if my bf is cheating on facebook i cant axcess hes page plz help!!! x?

I want to delete mysearch from my web page as i cant access my in-box as it pops up before i can open it?

You can delete your history. ANd while your at itshorten the time frame it remains. lol