Cant watch video clips on fullscreen?

Answer Try uninstalling and re-installing Adobe Flash Player.

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Can anyone suggest any good YouTube video clips to watch?

Search for "Chav Hunt aka Class Wars"Bloody good laugh! See link below

My laptop keeps stopping and starting if I try to watch video clips how can I fix it?

First things first. Remove all viruses on your computer. Scroll down to "Removing Viruses and Spyware from Windows. The Complete computer fix." that is all done... Read More »

Why I cant watch videos on firefox,but can watch it on internet explorer?

You need to get the plugins for Firefox. See info in links below.…While you are at it, get the NoScript, Adblock and Flashblock addons to make your browser... Read More »

What title for a YouTube video would make you want to watch the video?

" this will make you laugh" " You will love this" "haha" " randomness"