Chain letter on facebook?

Answer Thanks for putting this question on here, I didn't get it either - but I didn't want to ask anyone because sometimes things are really obvious but I had no idea what was wrong, I don't feel so sill... Read More »

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What is a Chain Letter?

A chain letter is a type of letter sent to numerous people. It may contain a story about luck, friendship, or may entice the person to send money. The goal of the chain letter is to keep the chai... Read More »

Are facebook chain mails real! Im scared...?

Those are just big lies, they are nothing and they aren't real, I've had REAL messed up chain mails that involve death and stuff in it, I knew it was fake, so I didn't do anything, didn't send anyt... Read More »

Facebook friends keep posting chain/untrue statements. Should I bother correcting them?

My brother does it, complete with links of sources to prove he is right and they are wrong. And I find it hillarious. I leave people to it because I can't be bothered to argue with stupid which is ... Read More »

Facebook letter emotions?

ASCII art made by letters and symbols__pacpacpacpacpacpacpac_pacpacpacpacpacpacpacpac.R_pacpacpacpacpacpacpacpacpac.Ipacpacpacpac______pacpacpacpac .Ppacpacpacpac_____pacpacpacpac. R_______________... Read More »