Changing tv,phone,broadband package. totally confused need help to find the best deal help?

Answer 02 the best broadband package ,voted no1 for value for money and customer service.But if you want the T.V included in package go with Sky although customer service is not as good as 02, but bette... Read More »

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Maths help, totally confused!?

I'm guessing those stray - symbols are hyphens rather than minus signs: a colon would have been clearer1) multiply all the terms in the first bracket by all the terms in the second:(2x+4y)(4x-5y) =... Read More »

What internet & talk package deal is best..?

Virgin media is the best. Whatever, don't choose orange broadband, they'll skin you alive :D.

Confused about changing in gears! when coming up to junctions..?

As you slow down approaching the junction change down so the engine isn't juddering, OK to put clutch down and stop in 2nd. Then handbrake on, into neutral till gap in traffic, then first gear to d... Read More »

Which is the best home computer deal I'm confused?

Go to Dell, they are the best, I have never had any problems with my Dell or if you live in the UK it is