Christmas present help! and Merry Christmas?

Answer It depends on what type of operating system you have on the laptop, does it slide around to show you just the touch screen side? You could try looking through your programs and see if there's a to... Read More »

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Christmas present Help!!?

The closest Argos to Camden that has it in stock is the Argos in Kensington, roughly 3.2 miles away :)

Christmas Present Help! UK Vinyl Players?

I only saw one of those the other day. Plugs into the USB socket on your PC and will play all usual speeds (33, 45rpm) woops, forgot this bit; As its run via your PC and PC speakers then I guess y... Read More »

How do I Say Merry Christmas in Polish?

You can wish someone merry Christmas using the following phrase. 'Weso_ych _wi_t Bo_ego Narodzenia' It is always worth learning the correct translation.

Hey people, merry christmas. Uploading photos.?