Claiming job seekers allowance?

Answer Savings and income are not the same thing. If he qualifies and is looking for work then he can claim. He should contact the DWP and register a claim, they will assess it to see if he qualifies.

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Job seekers allowance and claiming benefits form?

Currently you can't just walk in to a Job Centre and sign on you have to make an initial application on line or on the phone. They then contact you with an appointment to attend the job centre for ... Read More »

How much do I get and how often, when claiming Job Seekers Allowance (UK)?

JSA is £71pw but paid £142 every fortnight. She'll get her paymens 3 working days after when her ESA payday would have been as she signs on on that day instead now.You should be on a joint claim ... Read More »

I am claiming job seekers allowance and i just found out my new job is cash in hand?

Congratulations on finding a new job.Contrary to many answers, working cash in hand is not illegal providing you pay the relevant tax and NI. Any cash you get would need to be declared to HMRC and ... Read More »

What would be be a bettter use of people claiming Job seekers allowance?

I have always agreed that people claiming long term jobseekers should work in the community. A short dry spell with no work can happen to anyone but people abusing the system to sit around and stea... Read More »