Cleaning computer how much UK?

Answer 9.30 quid

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Computer i was cleaning the inside of my computer it starts OK on monitor it says no signal?

Sounds as if you have loosened one or both of the plugs on the video cable that feeds your monitor while you have been shifting things around. Make sure they are both securely seated, then reboot y... Read More »

What cautions are when cleaning a computer with compressed air or other thigns?

Some says that is recommended not to let cpu or gpu fan spin, cos that may induct electricity witch can fry something, but I 1000 times spin it before with 4-5 bar air compressor and nothing happe... Read More »

I have a lot of dust inside my computer. What is the best/safest way of cleaning it please?

Hi I have read one of the answers said that you can not be killed by the voltage in your p.c. This is not true it can be very dangerous to go poking around inside if you do not know what you are do... Read More »

In instructions for cleaning CDs, it always specifies cleaning the CD by wiping radially from the center out. Why does it matter — AB, Toronto, Canada?

Whenever you wipe a CD to clean it, there is a chance that you will scratch its surface. If that scratch is wide enough, it may prevent the player's optical system from reading the data recorded be... Read More »