Clicking/crackling sound in one side of my headphones when playing audio through computer?

Answer Clicking or crackling sounds are caused by a bad electrical connection.Either there is a fault in the headphones or there is a fault with the head phone jack/socket.Try another set of headphones. I... Read More »

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No sound through headphones when I plug it in the laptop?

Try this:Start>Control Panel>SoundMess around in there, some computers might have sound from headphones disabled or whatever. If that doesn't work maybe you should do that except go to device manag... Read More »

Sound won't play through my headphones on laptop?

Check and see if you plugged into the wrong port for the headphones.

Can i get my television sound to play through my audio in on my hi fi system or do i need an auxiliary input?

providing you have a suitable output (headphone /rca or other)on the tv then using appropriate lead(s) i would expect it to work ok

All Headphones sounds are only coming from the right side but work on fine Skype and sound test?

Hello, To fix sound problem in windows . Reinstall drivers and any software, if this does not fix it then use the links below...This site is know for finding drivers when others can not http://www.... Read More »