Cn someone please report this facebook group. it was made to abuse me?

Answer Done. For those who do not know how to report, go to the bottom of the page and click on "Report Group".

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If someone made a fake facebook using my name and pics can i report them to the police for identity theft?

First you have to report to Facebook but since pictures and account has been deleted, I don't think there's much you can do now.

Can someone please explain this Norton report to me, does it mean the site should be avoided like the plague?

Hi Conan,It is just flagged because of a program found on the site that is a joke but could be used to scare people. That is why it is yellow! The program is harmless but might say your infected or... Read More »

How Can I Report a Facebook Group?

See if your Mobile Device has a Gear on it if So Click or Tap on it than Tap or Click on Report and you Should be able to Report it From there If Not than you may have to Do it From the Computer Go... Read More »

How do i report a group on Facebook?

Go to the group, scroll to the bottom, and look at your left. You'll see a "Report Group". Click on it.