Comments please Thanks :D?

Answer your pretty...... maybe go for a little shorter not too much and dye most of your hair jet black with the same sort of red on the bottom if you know what i mean but a bit lightersorry am not a fash... Read More »

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Can someone use their winrar to open this file and give it back unziped in the comments thanks?

You know things like 7zip are free and can open .rar files and other files like this, right?Anyways, I did it: I fixed the problem. For some reason Rapid... Read More »

How to download video from youtube please Instructions please. Thanks?

either you can download the YouTube Downloader or through Real Player!In YT Downloader, you just have to copy paste the urrl of the selected video!In real player, when you are watcging the video, a... Read More »

Want more comments please comment?

You forgot to give the URL of your blog, so nobody can check it.Comments on blogs are quite rare these days. My main blog gets a couple of hundred visitors every day and I get perhaps one comment p... Read More »

Myspace Help Please.... How Do I Hide My Comments.?

This code is short & sweet, and it will hide ALL the comments. The aforementioned code will not work, by the way..friendsComments {display:none;}