Competition (be chosen as best answer!)?

Answer 5 people plus the driver, that makes 6

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Help! youtube usernames. best answer will be chosen! <3?


Car Insurance Policy Question (Best Answer Will Be Chosen) ?

Yes and yes. Failure to do so would mean the policy was void because the insured had not declared all relevant facts - and boy, are these relevant!You should be aware that insurers liaise closely w... Read More »

Is it legal to have a haunted house in my backyard(best answer will be chosen)?

Yes on an agricultural zoned property, no permit needed if it is not built as a permanent structure. Your insurance company should be informed of the added liability.

How do you password lock a folder on windows 7 (best answer will be chosen before tomorrow!)?

If you don't want to spend any money, consider going the Zip route. Most Zip managers, including popular freebie 7-Zip, give you the option to password-protect any zipped files and folders. Yes, yo... Read More »