Comptia A+ Question Regarding Windows Explorer?

Answer Hmmm. To move the file you hold down the shift key. This will move the file rather than just copy it. Alternatively you can right click on the file and select move.

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My computer windows explorer stopped working ,and checking for a solution to the problem,windows explorer is r?

It sounds like the Operating System (OS) is corrupted, but this can be easily sorted. There are 2 ways assuming that you have your XP disc. The first is a means of letting your PC look through its ... Read More »

Should i get windows explorer 8?

The recent windows that came out is windows 7, and that will work fine on your computer if it can run vista at all, maybe even XPA couple of Notes: 1) Gameguard using games will not work2) Beta exp... Read More »

What Is Windows Explorer EXE?

Windows Explorer exe, known as explorer.exe, is a process belonging to the Microsoft Corporation and is necessary for the proper functioning of the Windows operating system. Several malicious progr... Read More »

Windows internet explorer 8?

Not really. If i were you, i'd switch to firefox. I find it much faster, safer and easier. internet explorer 8 is an improvement, but it still has internet explorers reputation for being vulnerable... Read More »