Computer 3 1/2 floppy disks?

Answer Actually, they only hold 1.44MB of space. Windows XP will read anything that was put on the disk using a Microsoft Operating System from DOS on, because it can read the file system.If you can't sav... Read More »

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Are floppy disks dead..........?

Tell him/her Floppy disks were from the 1990,s Tell them to get over them and move on.

What are Floppy Disks?

Floppy disks are small, removable, media storage devices. They record data onto a thin, circular magnetic film encased in a flat, square plastic jacket. This type of media is somewhat antiquated, h... Read More »

Formatting floppy disks?

That would be my guess. (Given the lack of information from MS Windows.)Try formatting it on a different PC ? Most floppy disks are now so old that they are often not serviceable. One of the commo... Read More »

Are Floppy Disks becoming obsolete?

They are now obsolete - all our new machines at the College don't have floppy drives.Floppy discs are floppy by the way - it's only the case that's stiff - try opening one up and having a look.