Computer 'Bar' appeared at top.?

Answer If you are using chrome, go to settings, extensions, and then remove them from there, if you are on Mozzilla/IE I beleive you can uninstall them from control panel - add or remove programs. (They m... Read More »

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DG has appeared on Google Earth what is this?

DG Directorate-General (of the European Union Commission)DG Director GeneralDG Directeur Général (CEO)DG Dumfries (postcode, United Kingdom)DG Data GroupDG Data GatheringDG Distributed Generation... Read More »

My fanfiction hasn't appeared yet?

I bet you uploaded it but didn't actually publish it.Uploading is when you save a copy of your story on the site. It does NOT publish it, but it puts it there for you to use. You could turn it into... Read More »

Rash appeared around tattoo.?

you could be allergic to a certain colour. I am allergic to whatevers in red ink, it goes away fairly quickly, but may find it re-appears around that tattoo if you get any future tattoos. If in dou... Read More »

"Close Windows.bat" has appeared on my desktop.?

Well what ever you do, do not click on it until you know what it is. If it is truly a batch file then it will be a text file that you can open in Notepad. So right click on it and select to open it... Read More »