Computer Clock losing Time?

Answer Your CMOS battery needs replacing, open up the PC and look on the motherboard for a small cell like battery similar to a watch, make a note of the type usually it's CR2032. You can pick them up at ... Read More »

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My clock on my computer keeps losing time, Why does it do this and how can I stop it happening?

Dont worry, only 3 weeks to Christmas and you can get a new one!

At what time does the computer clock go forward?

Will happen at 1AM on the dot, forward to 2AM.

Why is my computer clock two hours behind time How do I rectify it?

Double the time, it has just gone 8:00 a small box with appear with the clock on the right and a calendar on the left under the clock on the right there a box with the time click on it and delete i... Read More »

Every time i fix the time on my PC clock it keeps loosing time again?

Assuming a desktop or tower PC? 1) replace the CMOS battery. Its probably a CR2032 button battery. You can buy them at WalMart, Walgreens. They're about $22) Some motherboards and processors do t... Read More »