Computer Question!!!! ( Part 3)?

Answer Selling your computers parts will not make it faster.

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How do I do part b of this question?

x² + y² - 6x + 8y - 75 = 0(x- 3)² + (y + 4)² = 100centre = (3, -4) radius 10Centre (15, 12) radius 10 has equation(x- 15)² + (y - 12)² = 100x² + y² - 30x - 24y + 269 = 0Draw and intercept a... Read More »

Please can someone help me answer this question question is you turned on a computer,?

I see a question, a homework question, do your own homework it's all in what you are being taught at school / college.

Oh Mr Porter Film 1939. 3 part Question....?

1:the name of the engine was an old 1899 victorian engine called northiam wich was scrapped by br in 19412:cliddesden station on the abandoned basingstoke to alton line3:one eyed joe haunted the tu... Read More »

Question about getting a part time job?

Find out what sort of visa you've got and check whether it permits you to work - highly unlikely that you'll be able to do so, not least because you won't qualify (at least not automatically) for a... Read More »