Computer Question!!!! ( Part 3)?

Answer Selling your computers parts will not make it faster.

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How do I do part b of this question?

x² + y² - 6x + 8y - 75 = 0(x- 3)² + (y + 4)² = 100centre = (3, -4) radius 10Centre (15, 12) radius 10 has equation(x- 15)² + (y - 12)² = 100x² + y² - 30x - 24y + 269 = 0Draw and intercept a... Read More »

Question about getting a part time job?

Find out what sort of visa you've got and check whether it permits you to work - highly unlikely that you'll be able to do so, not least because you won't qualify (at least not automatically) for a... Read More »

Question regarding tax and part-time work.?

nothing to worry about, just say you havent been given a P45 and ask your employer for a form P46, complete your section about this job being you only current job etc.., they will send it off and w... Read More »

Equity Question - need help understanding a part of the answer?

The plowback ratio is the amount of earnings that are retained in the business after paying out dividends. In your example, it states, "It plans to pay a regular 5p dividend, which represents 100%o... Read More »