Computer advice?

Answer 1.Remove the startup programs you don't need. start-->open-->msconfig2.Do a full virus scan on safe mode3.If still don't work, reinstall OS.4. At last, if everything above deesn't work, upgr... Read More »

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Computer Advice!!! HELP?

What do you want to do with the computer? Games? Browsing the web? What? Answer back or email me at and I can help you.

Help need advice on building a computer?

haha, you're great!a £300 gaming computer with quad core cpu, 6(8)GB ram, 500GB HDD and good graphics you know what? -- it's possible but the cost of the operating system destroy the whole... Read More »

I want to build a computer, need advice.?

Well for a normal use pc you need a motherboard which is the main part of the computer base and also contains all the parts needed to run the pc. I would recommend getting a bundle pack for this as... Read More »

Im building a computer, i need advice!!?

hi taylor well as you have said you have the core components however there is other hardware required and these are as follows psu(power supply unit)..considering the graphic card you ha... Read More »