Computer advice?

Answer 1.Remove the startup programs you don't need. start-->open-->msconfig2.Do a full virus scan on safe mode3.If still don't work, reinstall OS.4. At last, if everything above deesn't work, upgr... Read More »

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Advice on Msc computer science?

As far as I am concerned the course your studying is excellent and has good prospects.Also Computer science is very generalise while bio informatics i believe concentrates on a particular area.Mayb... Read More »

A bit of computer advice building a pc?

i think i would pay extra to have it already put together. the motherboard, processor, fans, heat-sinks are all easy to install, but can be a bit confusing when actually hooking everything up. PCs ... Read More »

Computer Advice!!! HELP?

What do you want to do with the computer? Games? Browsing the web? What? Answer back or email me at and I can help you.

Advice- computer illiterate?

Click on the image that shows up next to your question (it's your current image.) It will take you to your profile. Scroll down a bit on that page, and in the vertical center of the page, next to t... Read More »