Computer dvd player problems please help?

Answer probably missing a codectry~…there are others here is a list ~…hope this helps

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Computer problems please help?

Did you over clock anything? What's your PSu rated at? Does your mobo support SATA 3? There are a few things you can try out. The first would be to do an entire system wipe, go back down to barebon... Read More »

Problems with my computer, please help!?

It could be resolved by re-installation of your browser.If you have Internet Explorer go the or .com site and download the latest version, this should work.

HELP ME PLEASE!. With spyware problems, I can't get it off my computer.?

Wow, too many wrong answers and from "Top" guys too. I give everyone an "E" for effort, but an "F" overall. Sorry guys... Now on to solving your problem...This is not a problem at all. Here's what ... Read More »

CD stuck in the player of my car. Please help!?

ive had this problem, what i had to do was keep a pair of needle nose pliers in the car with me, when it tries to eject the disc, i have to pull it out with the pliers, thats the only solution ive ... Read More »