Computer dvd player problems please help?

Answer probably missing a codectry~…there are others here is a list ~…hope this helps

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Can i connect my dvd player/writer to computer via usb cable and record and copy files from my computer?

i dont think that is possible. you could get a external one or internal writer there real cheap under £30!

Car DVD Player Problems?

A DVD player in a car can have problems just as the DVD player in your home. But this also includes that the disc playing inside is vulnerable to every pothole or bump the car might encounter. Here... Read More »

Cd player problems?

A dead battery could be the cause. But, If the battery is strong enough to start the car, The CD player would get more than enough power from the alternator. Did it work properly before the car sat... Read More »

Jeep CD Player Problems?

It is fairly common to experience problems with CD players in Jeeps after several years because of dust and moisture intake. The most common problem resolutions can range from a cleaning to a syste... Read More »