Computer help not enough space in run time area?

Answer get rid of unneeded programs, run ccleaner free from

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If time passes more slowly for someone who is moving quickly and enormous speeds are needed to explore distant space, is there any way to counteract this time/speed phenomenon so that those on earth will not die waiting for the "space travelers/explo?

Unfortunately, no. Those of us who remained on earth would watch the explorers head off at enormous speeds toward the stars and would be old and gray before they returned. Even if the explorers cou... Read More »

We know that high speeds cause time to distort. We also have found wormholes in space that connect two distant points. Therefore, by entering a wormhole we can travel through time. How can we create a wormhole and control its destination point — JB?

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How do you get remote access to your computer from another computer out of the area?

If you're using MS Windows XP Pro in the computer at home and away... you're in luck. (there are other programs that gives you more control than XP Pro)Right click on My Computer, select propertie... Read More »

How Much of an Astronaut's Time is Actually Spent in Space?

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