Computer help please?

Answer I think its not a virus but instead your PC's hardware/internals are getting overheated (I think).... Meaning that several components like your Motherboard and/or the CPU (and all other components ... Read More »

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PLEASE HELP!!! Is my computer infected with a virus How can I salvage my computer?

That's Definitely a Virus or some sort of Error, take it back to that Specialist and comfront him.

How can i copy and paste something that i want to save of my computer please help not used to computer yet?

right click on it and you will see copy in the menu that comes up. then go to where you want to save it and right click again and paste it! or you can use the keys ALT and C together to copy and A... Read More »

Who can Please help. My computer keeps getting cookies x13+ even when I sign in on computer how can I delete?

sorry --if you use a real copy of norton ( not cracked ) you get a full year of support . that is what you paid for--so i smell fish here and you get cookies from any and every site you go to --sin... Read More »

Help with computer question please. My son visited me today and has been on my computer and now I find I have?

Go to View>toolbar and check standard buttons