Computer is making a clicking sound when switched on, even with hard drive IDE and power lead removed?

Answer If your drives are removed, then the only remaining moving parts are the FANS. Look for loose wires that are hitting the fan blades. See if you can determine which fan is making the noise.

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What Does It Mean When My Hard Drive Is Clicking?

Hard drives typically make clicking noises in the course of working properly, with some models being noisier than others. If the hard drive is clicking louder than normal, this could be due to an i... Read More »

When switched off my computer it takes about 5 minutes to closed down is there making computer more faster?

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My computer used to make a clicking noise and now it wont detect my HARD DRIVE!?

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Will a 3gb/s hard drive and dvd drive work on a 6gb/s slot with a 6gb/s lead?

Yes, as long at they are SATA drives (not the older IDE interface).