Computer keeps freezing?

Answer Spray some anti-freeze on it or put it infront of heat.

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My computer keeps freezing up?

Insufficient RAM and too many programs open at once is 99% of the time and the cause.When you reboot it, what you are doing is closing all the programs and clearing the RAM.Also every question aske... Read More »

Computer keeps freezing completely?

hahahaha u lot are nuts lmao and that guy that said it should never go beyond 30% hahahaha it's not true, it all depends on how many applications you have runing at start up that increases the usag... Read More »

My computer is very slow, and keeps freezing.?

Clear your virtual memory and paging files,Restore your PC to an earlier time,Run, adware & antivirus,Run Disk clean up,Run Defrag on all HDDs.Optimize your memory,Turn off unnessessary programs ru... Read More »

My computer keeps freezing whats the matter with it?

Okay no need to worry, I have encounter this several times in my aid to others. Go ahead and download a program called "Ccleaner", this program is free and will tell you when an update for it is r... Read More »