Computer mouse problem.?

Answer Just swap your mouse with a friend's computerIf his mouse perform ok on your computer while yours perform bad on his computer, time to replace it

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My pc mouse arrow won't go where I want it to. is the problem likely to be with the mouse or the pc?

Turn the mouse around? Seriously, are you using a mouse with a rubber ball in it? If so it needs cleaning...clean the ball and the rollers or better yet trash it and buy an optical mouse, they are ... Read More »

Why is a mouse called a mouse ( as in computer mouse )?

3.5mm jack audio from computer to speaker problem. Why does it only cause a problem for my computer?

Move/shake the wire around whilst connected, if it makes a difference in the sound then you need to replace to cable. If it's not the cable, replace the sound card in your computer.Failing this, I'... Read More »

One computer mouse is simply called 'a mouse', but what's more than one called,- mice, mouses, mices?