Computer not booting up?

Answer All of the answers above here could be correct. Thumbs up for all .It could even be something as simple as replacing the Motherboard Battery. Try this.. unplugging it, then hold the power button do... Read More »

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What does "re-booting your computer mean & how is it done, Please.?

When installing certain applications or programs the computer may need to reboot. Usually these programs will ask you to restart and the computer will automatically shutdown and restart or the appl... Read More »

Computer not booting up.?

you should take it to a repair place and it sounds like maybe you have a virus or a file that was needed was erased

Computer booting problems ?

I would say you have a component starting to fail. The only thing I can suggest is take it to a workshop so that it can be properly bench tested over a couple of days.If you don't you could end up ... Read More »

Computer problem - Not booting up?

start from basicspower offdisconnect and reconnect each end of every cable PC ~Monitor and modem/router~USB mouse keyboard~external speakerspower onif ok fine if not just plug Monitor into pc(no mo... Read More »