Computer people help asap!!!! know your stuff then help me plz?

Answer well you only use a crossover cable if your linking two computers directly. if your connecting to a router/hub/switch then you need a patch cable for both computers. as for the dsl router it woul... Read More »

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Does msn break your computer can some one tell me the truth because people say it does but i dont know help?

Computer know it alls- please help, this is very simple, but I don't know how to do it!!!!! Help!?

You need to go out and buy a usb mutiple adapter that has four or more plugins you can get these at a local retailer such as target, walmart, office max, office depot.

Help with computer stuff?

Hi.When you don't tell your browser a specific location to save a file it may save to 'C:\windows\temp\' (replace C: with the drive-letter if its not C:)Or it may save to the location you usually s... Read More »


Sorry, i did not understand your question. Can you add some detail please?