Computer people help asap!!!! know your stuff then help me plz?

Answer well you only use a crossover cable if your linking two computers directly. if your connecting to a router/hub/switch then you need a patch cable for both computers. as for the dsl router it woul... Read More »

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I am thinking of getting a new Computer how do I transfer my stuff from old to new computer?

there are a few ways, some easier than others.first easiest way is if you are getting a new desktop to replace a desktop, you can install the old hard drive as a slave drive in your new computer. ... Read More »

ATTN: People who know stuff about do i?

Nod32 is not free you have to buy it. I know how to get it but rules don't allow me to tell you publically on this site. The one I suggest, and use personally is Avast. Never had any problems of vi... Read More »

What are some tricks for getting people to buy your stuff on eBay?

By tricks I take it you mean does depend on what you are selling.If it items that people will check what is contained or what it can do then give that information.I was buying a HDD for my ... Read More »

Is there a way to download stuff from torrents while other people not seeing my IP adress?