Computer problem. Help...PLEASE?

Answer Hello fellow Brightonian.Do you have to re-open internet explorer after your screen saver kicks in, if this is the case you have more or likely got some virus, i'm sure you know how to do a scan . ... Read More »

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3.5mm jack audio from computer to speaker problem. Why does it only cause a problem for my computer?

Move/shake the wire around whilst connected, if it makes a difference in the sound then you need to replace to cable. If it's not the cable, replace the sound card in your computer.Failing this, I'... Read More »

Need advice/HELPplease?

How to identify it please helpplease?

Brunette = Brown Hair.Blonde = Yellow Hair.And as far as I know there is no slang for someone with black hair. It is just black hair.Eyes doesn't matter in being a brunette or not.

Computer problem: my computer won't work, it continues to re-boot & before it can open up windows, it crashes?

better change the bios settings to make the cd/dvd as the first boot device and try another xp cd to format it bcoz there may be some pblm with ur cd also.....