Computer problems :(?

Answer Hi Poland I've had the exact same problem the links below are to my resovled questions see if any of the answers help:… Read More »

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How to Do Computer Maintenance and Reduce Computer Problems?

Computer problems showing signs of freezing, slowing down and rebooting automatically, will need maintenance to function properly. According to Info HQ, software errors or hardware issues cause com... Read More »

new computer problems?

Does your receipt clearly state Microsoft Office?Or is there any evidence that you ordered and paid for Office?If so, photocopy the evidence and send the copy with a letter to Dell's head office.Ma... Read More »

Computer Problems!?

I have had this exact problem on PC. Windows update caused the process SVCHOST to run at 100%I just let the update process complete. I left the PC on overnight and by the time I woke up the update ... Read More »

Computer Wi Fi problems?

Here are some tips for improving your wifi1)Change the broadcast channel on the router to channel 11 or 2 steps higher or lower than the current. You can download netstumbler or inssider (google th... Read More »