Computer shut down, burning smell and won't turn back on?

Answer Going to be one of four things.PSU, motherboard, video card, sound card had blown.If your not very good with computers then the only optionyou have got is to put it into a workshop for repair.

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Burning smell coming from the inside of my computer case?

It is possible what you thought was a fan cable was actually an auxiliary hard drive power cable, which would cause a short but as long as the motherboard has decent surge protection and you don't ... Read More »

How can i safetly turn on and shut down my computer?

Go start, turn off computer, Turn Off/Shutdown.

Resolutions change back when i turn the computer off and turn it back on again?

definitely sounds like a driver issueif it goes from low res to really high res, it could be a default setting or auto adjust setting, check your GPU control panel

My computer will not shut down I have to turn off at the mains each time please can you advise me what to do?

Forget the rest, read the best should fix your problem :-)