Computer turns on then off with no flash screen?

Answer Reset your CMOS to try to get a splash screen. Unplug and remove battery for a minute will do it.The 7B error is usually related to SATA drivers. You can put the motherboard into IDE mode rather ... Read More »

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My computer screen turns white!?

This is usually caused by a bad solder joint in the monitor. Unless you know how to solder, it may be best to get another monitor or find a repair shop that can do it cheaply for you. You can test ... Read More »

My computer turns on but the screen stays black and nothing is happening?

Re: To those who question how people are able to ask questions when their computers aren't working, is it not possible they are at a library or internet cafe??Anyhow, it is almost definitely NOT a ... Read More »

How to Fix a DS Screen That Turns Red?

Discolouration or other problems on the Nintendo DS system's screen can make game play difficult or impossible. If your system's screen turns red or other colours, consider factors that might have ... Read More »

Why does my screen flash, and power flash on my NES?

You need to clean the contacts on the cartridge and on the NES itself. (Use isopropyl alcohol.) The NES and cartridge may be mint (which I take to mean unused), but it's had around 25 years for the... Read More »