Computer turns on then off with no flash screen?

Answer Reset your CMOS to try to get a splash screen. Unplug and remove battery for a minute will do it.The 7B error is usually related to SATA drivers. You can put the motherboard into IDE mode rather ... Read More »

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Computer starts then beeps then turns off?…

My friends computer turns itself off and then on again?

hi mate windows will tuen itself off when theres a problem with hardware such as overheating or driver issues however you can stop the restarts by right clicking "my computer">pr... Read More »

Laptop is dying!! turns on then screen goes white and thats that this happens at random points of boot?

Hi. That sounds like a failing hinge cable which connects the LCD to the motherboard. Not too hard to fix if it is.

My computer screen turns white!?

This is usually caused by a bad solder joint in the monitor. Unless you know how to solder, it may be best to get another monitor or find a repair shop that can do it cheaply for you. You can test ... Read More »