Computer upgrade question?

Answer You should definitely go for the RAM. Your CPU is very fine, but RAM is the one which everybody will die for.The reason for it is that RAM play a very important part in opening your applications. Y... Read More »

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Gpu upgrade question Gtx 660 Ti?

Will run at completely full speed, even a CrossfireX 7970 and sli 2x GTX680/1x GTX690 will not take the pci 2.0 bandwidth, let alone a pci 3.0.You will be fine, no difference at all.The pci 3.0 wil... Read More »

I have a windows Xp computer is it to outdated to upgrade without buying a new computer?

Run the Windows 7 upgrade advisor to see if you can upgrade to win 7.…If your on about upgrading the computer hardware.. Just buy a new one.

Graphics card upgrade question?

HD 5670 is 66 watts, no auxiliary connect to the power supply, G3D 1048, Game debate 6/10, approximates HD 6670 HD 7770 is 80 watts, and since max Pci is 75 watts, does need a 6 pin auxiliary conne... Read More »

Can I upgrade my computer?

Nope, that PC probably has integrated graphics and possibly another RAM slot. You can't change the processor nor the graphics and overclocking would a bad idea considering that there is no proper a... Read More »