Computers help pleaseeee!!!?

Answer Case study work should be carried out independentlyuse yahoo or google search engine. Long explanation will only help you in understanding what is or are CDMA and their functionalities.

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HELP pleaseeee which one to go for?

DEFINITLY the first one. Processor speed is really important.


This is very similar to what happens to me. What your work place has done is phone up Vodaphone and got the phone blocked there is no way of unblocking it. I went and got it factory unlocked and wa... Read More »

Legal advice about Job pleaseeee !!!!?

You have done everything right so far.Do not worry about having to prove the companies rota all you have to prove is that you were employed by them so take all of your wage slips and any other pape... Read More »

Pleaseeee Help Me, Im A Teen Trying To Find A Job?

You can do odd jobs for neighbors, etc. Ask your school for a work permit and apply at McDonald's. Go in and talk to the manager regarding your age and the work permit (McDonald's sometimes hires 1... Read More »