Computing Interview - 1st Year at Uni - What should I prepare for ?

Answer Well I had an interview that was laid out in a similar format to that which yours seems to be. I was applying for computer security, and I was assigned a few tasks related to operating various linu... Read More »

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Interview Computing HELP !!!!?

Bit late to learn much now I suppose, but they are the ones who are supposed to educating you, not the other way round. They will have to take on a number of new students to keep themselves in a jo... Read More »

How to prepare yourself for a job interview?

Dress smartly but comfortablyBe at least 10 mins early (check where the office is the day before to be sure you can find it)Do some research on the company, even knowing a bit will make a good impr... Read More »

What is the best way to prepare for an interview?

Well, it totally depends on what the interview is for!If you are being interviewed for a place to read Ancient History at Oxford the questions will be very different to those asked at an interview ... Read More »

How to prepare for a job interview?

Oh, Sara, best wishes and luck to you, how excited you must be!They might ask you:Why do you want to work here? ("I like art and making things with my hands") What wage are you looking for? ("Whate... Read More »