Connecting a laptop to a PC?

Answer A crossover cable (which is different than regular ethernet) will be fine for playing with just the two of you. If you both want to play online you'll need a hub or router.

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Lenova G550 laptop - connecting laptop to television what converter do I need?

If your telly only has an HDMI port, then the only way to connect your laptop is through an external (USB) video/audio adaptor like this:'m not recomme... Read More »

Connecting my laptop to my TV - help please!?

My laptop is connected thus. Laptop vga to tv hdmi socket for video. I have connected my laptop headphone jack to my stereo amplifier for audio, but you could just connect the headphone jack to ... Read More »

Connecting Laptop & TV?

Unfortunately what you're asking for wouldn't work. You'd need a converter box for that kind of hook up and even then the quality would greatly suffer. You should get a new TV that has a VGA inpu... Read More »

Connecting Laptop To New Tv?

depends what connections are available. On a new TV its usually via an HDMI cable. Of course we all do. Being psychic, we can all see exactly what connectors are available on both devices. Surely r... Read More »