Connecting two buildings using wireless?

Answer You need to buy a device called a wireless bridge. You can also use a directional antenna so all your signal is pointing directly at each other for best connectivity (if just between two buildings).

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Connecting two wireless adapters at once?

You shouldn't need a two wirelss adapters at once.... and yes two wireless adapters can work at the same time... and even connect to the same network... redundant but will work.Your problem is you ... Read More »

Is there any other way of connecting stuff that need Wireless net?

yes i know exactly what you mean. its called a usb wireless adapter. you can get them in different speeds for performance. eg 54mbps, 125 mbps ect. also the security encyption is done on different ... Read More »

How do i know if anyone else is connecting to my wireless hub,my neigh knows my pin,how do i no if hes using i?

Unplug your router and see if he knocks on the door, or ...Login to your router and under connections list the computers connected. Sometimes called DHCP client list on the router. You can add a pa... Read More »

Connecting to wireless network?

Tell them the key for your Wifi router. when they switch on and enable wireless it will find all available networks in the area.If they click on yours it will probably ask for a password which you ... Read More »