Connecting up 2 wireless routers with a wire?

Answer Like david said Ethernet over power is elegant solution,if running long Ethernet wire from router 1 to router 2 is not a problem then proceed that way but in any case set second router as Access P... Read More »

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Internet wireless routers with good parental controls?

Would suggest Belkin or Netgear. There are some good deals on Ebay at this time.

Need help with connecting two computers on wireless network?

How to connect a wireless network between two or more computers Using networking to connect computers helps users to share files between computers as well as transfer files. A wireless network is a... Read More »

Wireless Routers?

She could use a wireless access point at an elevated place in the house. An access point is a dumb wireless repeater. You can often times configure a wireless router to function as an access poin... Read More »

How to Bridge Wireless Routers?

Adding a second wireless router to a network can greatly increase the range and signal strength of the overall network. Bridging routers can also join two or more computers to a Local Area Network ... Read More »